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The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) has been in operation in Malta for a number of years now and SEPA XML GENERATOR now enlists a number of Maltese clients from The Bank of Valletta (BOV). The Bank of Valletta are now incorporating SEPA software to take more control for their clients finances by making direct debit transactions seamless and more secure. The Bank of Valletta are one of a number of financial institution to realise the benefit of using SEPA to move electronic payments between business and nations in borderless and smooth transactions.

All about the Bank of Valletta

The bank of Valletta is a Maltese bank and financial services institution that operates over 44 branches. In 2019, 583,849,270 ordinary shares are held as follows:  25% for Government of Malta, 10.20% for UniCredit S.p.A. and Public 64.80%. The goal of the bank is to become the leading provider of value and relationship-based financial services and they will focus on providing excellent services to aid their customers.

Some interesting facts about Malta

Malta is the world’s ninth smallest country and the fourth most densely populated sovereign country with a population of over 500,000 people. Malta is a tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments.

Since adopting the euro in 2008, Malta has been considered a high-income country by the World bank and famous for its innovation-driven economy. Malta’s strong economy is a result of its productive labour force, low corporation tax and tourism.

Malta & SEPA

The SEPA project is one step in Malta’s vision to moving closer to European financial integration. SEPA’s ability to put all electronic payments across all European countries on the same platform means Malta is underway to completing its goal for European financial integration. SEPA allows banks and financial services in Malta to transfer credit domestically and throughout the eurozone in less than a day regardless of banks if IBAN and BIC are confirmed by both payer and payee.


SEPA allows both private individuals and business to make payments electronically seamlessly and fast with safe and secure protection. SEPA offers a high level of security and automation, the online functionality of SEPA allows payers to retract payments they are unfamiliar with and once banks have approved the SEPA payment system the SEPA XML file will allow for automation of effortless payments. Speedy, secure and automated payments are the reasons why SEPA is expanding throughout the European Union and allows business for more organised cashflow and lower fees for private individuals compared to credit/ debit card fees.

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