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So, you have approval from your bank to start to take direct debits from your customers, now what!!  Then you find out you need to purchase…Direct Debit Software!!

How does your bank know who and what amounts are they to take payment from?  How do you talk to your online bank?  The solution comes in the form of Direct Debit Software which generates a SEPA XML files which you submit on your online bank system.  What is included in this XML SEPA file?

What is included in the XML Direct Debit Software

Well, it’s a rather simple piece of data, it will include a total amount associated with all your direct debit customers select and then specific data on each customer you are debiting funds from.  Name of your client, Address, BIC, IBAN, Amount.  And it will tell your bank on what date you will take the payments.  Quite simple really.

It may be very simple, but it is a piece of direct debit software which is fundamentally required in order for your company to collect payments with ease.  And as you are probably well aware, chasing money and payments can be very time consuming.  And when you know how much and when direct debit payments are being processed, business owners can manage their cashflow and forecasting with ease.

What is so great about the Direct Debit Software from SEPA XML GENERATOR

  • The Direct Debit Software Solution is web based, so you can process your payments on your holidays! Anywhere and anytime.
  • A modern user experience driven interface
  • Quick Edit Functionality if your direct debits are not fixed amounts
  • Our system keeps an online record of all your SEPA XML files
  • Our system allows users to quickly generate one payment SEPA xml files
  • Great Reporting functionality
  • And businesses don’t even have to take the risk and pay for a trial….Its FREE!!

Direct Debt Software

Try our Direct Debit Software from SEPA XML GENERATOR

Contact the SEPA XML GENERATOR team today and we will provide you with a free SEPA XML GENERATOR account.  A free SEPA XML account which you can test with your bank and experience the software for yourself before you make any decision to purchase a license.

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