Increased Security and User Control with SEPA XML GENERATOR

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SEPA XML GENERATOR - Clear Sensitive Data

We are always looking to optimise the user experience at SEPA XML GENERATOR and our software. And so, we have recently offset a number of sensitive data concerns that customers and prospects may have had in the past.

The control is more and more in the hand of our clients, the client decides what data is stored on their account and what is not.

Increase Security for Sensitive Data

Within the Company Settings tab:

SEPA XML GENERATOR - Your Company Settings

You can now after every session, delete your company information such as your OIN/CI Number, Bank Account and BIC number.  Once you select the ‘Clear Sensitive Data’ button:

SEPA XML GENERATOR - Clear Sensitive Data

However, before your Company Information Sensitive Data is permanently deleted you will get a chance to reconsider!  See:

SEPA XML GENERATOR - Warning - Permanently Deleting Sensitive Information

Sensitive Bank Information is also hidden with the final numbers of company IBAN hidden from view replaced by ******, see:

Sensitive Bank Information is hidden with the final numbers of company IBAN hidden from view

Archived Files…Activate this Functionality or not?

The User now has the power to make active the SEPA XML File Archive Functionality when they initially setup their account and populate the Company Settings tab, see:

SEPA XML GENERATOR - Archive Functionality

Archive Functionality Now Active - SEPA XML GENERATOR

Which will then start to populate the Archive XML Files tab:


We are committed to continually improving the User Experience and expectations of our clients using our software.  We hope you enjoy our recent improvements!