SEPA XML GENERATOR awarded a Micro Exporters’ Grant from the Local Enterprise Board

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Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters

With the company continuing to expand it’s client base outside Ireland, it was time focus attention on International expansions, with customers already in Austria, France and Germany and social proofing in place.  The focus going forward is Europe and so, International SEO initiatives are already in motion at SEPA XML GENERATOR.

We decided to approach the Local Enterprise Office and applied for a matching Export grant which focused on International SEO, which was successful!!  And so within the next couple of days the site, including blog posts will go live in 5 countries including (on top of French, German and English):

Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Greek

International SEO with SEPA XML GENERATOR

International PPC Campaign – To Follow

These language specific landing pages will not only help the company’s SEO but also allow up to take advantage of PPC Campaigns which will kick off very soon…

Shout Out to Digital Sales – Great Work!