SEPA xml Multiple Distribution Accounts – Functionality Now Live

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SEPA xml Multiple Distribution Accounts for AIB - Functionality Now Live

SEPA XML GENERATOR were recently engaged by IRS Ireland to customise our SEPA Credit Transfer software in order to generate SEPA xml files from up to 25 Primary bank accounts, sending payments from these 25 bank accounts to countless recipients.  All in line with the AIB SEPA xml format.

Essentially what we achived and delivered for IRS Ireland was (quotation from AIB):

‘Please note that multiple nominated accounts will be accepted in separate payment blocks for SEPA Credit Transfer files. Payments that have the same execution date and nominated account should be grouped together in one block within a file. There is a limit of 25 payment blocks per file. AIB will not accept files with greater than 25 payment blocks….I have been advised that there is no upper limit to the number of nominated accounts that can be linked to an OIN”

SEPA xml Multiple Distribution Accounts - AIB

And you can see the AIB SEPA Spec within this .pdf for SCT Bulk Payments, XML File Format.

Do you need a custom SEPA xml file for Credit Transfer or Direct Debits?  Contact the SEPA XML GENERATOR team today…

So, if you are a company which requires a requirement such as the above, we can quickly setup an account along the same settings as the IRS Ireland required and if you have custom requirement, complete the contact form here or email: [email protected]