SEPA XML GENERATOR Software can now generate SEPA XML Credit Transfers Files

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SEPA Credit Transfer - Credit Identifier (CI) Number

SEPA XML GENERATOR started its software life out in order to help companies generate SEPA XML to collect direct debits.  And it has now evolved to allows companies to generate sepa xml files to send payments to clients.

So, instead of sending a cheque in the post in the 90’s or 00’s, companies now send payments to client electronically.

SEPA Credit Transfer Software Example

A simple example of a SEPA XML Credit Transfer customer might be a Pet Insurance company that has many clients. If a client makes an insurance claim for their injured pet, then the Pet Insurance company will login to our SEPA XML CREDIT TRANSFER, enter or upload a customers IBAN number, enter the credit transfer amount and our SEPA XML Credit Transfer software will generate the credit transfer SEPA XML file.  The xml file is then uploaded onto the Pet Insurance companies Online Banking system or an internal accountancy package which is linked to the Online Banking System.

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer

Credit Identifier (CI) Number for SEPA Instant Credit Transfers

Your bank will need to know who you are when you generate and upload your SEPA Credit Transfer file, so, you first need to speak to your bank and get registered to send SEPA Credit Transfer files.

SEPA Credit Transfer - Credit Identifier (CI) Number

The European & International Banks we partner with

We partner and work with all banks throughout the EU to generate xml transfer files which are compatible with their banking setup.  Our Credit Transfer Clients, banks include Bank of Ireland, Societe Generale, DEUTSCHE, BNP PARIBAS FORTIS, UBS bank, etc. all across Europe.

SEPA Credit Transfer xml Banks

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